We will endeavor to earn trust and meet the expectations of the capital markets with high quality audit services and continue to challenge as the preferred audit firm for our clients.

Managing Partner & Representative Partner


Amid the rapidly changing society, management issues facing our clients are becoming complex and sophisticated due to certain factors such as economic globalization, rapid technological advancement and responses to SDGs. We are committed to providing our clients with highly efficient and high-quality audit services through a deep understanding ofour clients’ businesses and helping our clients navigate change.

We put our vision – To be the most trustworthy and reliable audit firm for our clients― at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing high-quality audit services that earn our clients’ trust. In particular, our goal is to provide a “no-surprises” audit, which can be achieved through close communication with our clients.

While the ultimate purpose of the financial audit is to confirm figures in the financial statements, we also recognize that it is quite important to understand “story” behind the figures. Therefore, we try to understand why and how the figures were recorded in the financial statements.

There are cases where some accounting treatments which seem incorrect when simply looking at the figures turns out to be correct as a result of discussion with management. The important thing is to maintain close communication and build a trust relationship with clients.

We also believe that keeping such attitude toward audit in mind will help our audit team member to grow as a professional. It takes an all-out effort by each team member to grow our presence as a preferred audit firm. As such, we aim to become a firm that grows together with our team members by providing them with opportunities to fully demonstrate their abilities.

Drawing on its extensive insights, MIKASA will continue to provide highly efficient and high-quality audit services to its audit clients and also contribute to the development of capital markets and society.