MIKASA&Co. was established by incorporating its predecessor Neuest CPA Office.

The challenges facing our clients are changing faster than ever. In order to help our clients navigate change, MIKASA, as a professional service firm, provides clients with highly efficient and high-quality auditing services through its audit professionals who have excellent professional abilities and extensive audit experience performing auditing work directly.

Date of establishment
June 15, 2006
Managing Partner
Representative partners/Partners 5
CPA (including part-time) 8
US CPA/successful candidates 3
Audit assistants 1
Others 3
Total 19
Number of Audit Clients
Financial Instruments and Exchange Law / Companies Act 2
Companies Act 4
Pre-IPO company 3
Medical corporations and social welfare corporations 4
Investment Limited Partnership 16
Subsidiaries of listed companies, etc. 14
Renewable energy funds, etc. 12
Total 55
Yaesu KT Building, 5th Floor, 1-1-8 Yaesu, Chou-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3231-9845
FAX 03-3516-1589

As of January 1, 2022